we’re just getting started

Welcome back. Glad you could make it. Now the work starts.

I figure it’s probably good to start with me.

I also figure it’s probably good to start with something easy.

One of the big things you’ll find here is action.

Something, anything.

Big, small, whatever – just DO something.

Like I said, I’m going to share stories. Often I’ll keep the names and where they come from out ‘cause that’s not the important part.  It’s the change, the action, the love that we want to see and learn about.

But this one’s from me and it’s a simple one.

I volunteered for 9 years as a youth leader. It was a great time. I’ll be honest, I may not have created the safest games (read: indoor slip’n’slide, office chair joust, back country sledding) but they were all fun.  I put in a lot of time building relationships.

And then I stopped.

I left on good terms.  It was time. I loved the kids, but it was time to move on.

And I moved on … entirely.

Then one day while grocery shopping I saw one of the youth. I asked, ‘how are you doing?’ ‘How’s life?’ ‘How’s your football team?’  He LOVES football.

And then I said in the passing sort of way that you ask ‘how are you’ ‘we should watch football some time’ and he answered in the same sort of way you say ‘fine, how are you’ with a ‘sure’.

So I’m bored killing time on Facebook and it happens. I just do it. I send him a message and say ‘hey, if you’re ever free on a Thursday night let me know and we’ll watch a game.’

Perfect, done, I’m a good person again!

Well then he answers back with a date and time. I honestly didn’t expect it.  It’s actually happening and honestly it was great!

Instead of sitting at home watching TV by myself, I reconnected, built relationship and had a reason to eat poutine that I could justify to myself.

Win, win, win!

It was that easy and it was good for me. It was fun.

Loving people can be a lot of fun!

I didn’t go out and say ‘would you like to go see a play’ when I know I wouldn’t enjoy that. I reconnected on common ground and had fun. And all it took was a Facebook message while I was actively trying to kill time.

Give it a go. Pick someone and reconnect. Make it the reason you splurge on Starbucks. Make it the reason you get out of the house.

Get an easy win. Don’t start from scratch but pick up where you left off and start loving someone you know you can love.

It doesn’t have to be hard every time. It’s doesn’t have to be a grind. Love someone loveable, we’ve got lots of time to get to the rest.

We are just getting started.



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