let Jesus leak

I suspect by now you’ve caught on that I like stories.

I like stories for a few reasons. To me, stories are engaging. They help to make a point but in a way that is not just relatable but often easier to remember.

With all that said today I don’t have a story for you.

Also I’m married. I just thought you should know.




Yeah, I agree that was odd and abrupt. Really kind of out of place.

It was also strange because if you’ve been reading here for any length of time you’ve heard (seen?) me talk about my wife Sarah. So why would I just abruptly and awkwardly throw that little bit of information in?

To make a point of course.

Isn’t that what we often do with our faith? We’re talking with someone and just out of nowhere force some sort of Christian statement. “I’m a Christian by the way.” Followed by the same awkward pause.

Why do we do that? Why isn’t it more organic?

Bruxy Cavey talked about this in his sermon yesterday. He referred to having Jesus leak out of you.

I didn’t have to force some awkward remark or step out of the flow of our conversations to tell you I was married. It came out because Sarah is a massive part of my life. She is a part of so much of what I do I couldn’t keep her out my stories unless I was actively trying.

Do we actively try to keep Jesus from coming out?


I think at times we worry about how to tell people about Jesus. We worry how to share our stories.

There’s a joke some friends of mine say a lot. We talk about sharing Jesus by loving people or building relationships or volunteering then someone inevitably says “yeah, but when do we hand out the tract? It doesn’t count if we don’t.”

If Jesus is as big a part of your life as I suspect all of you would say He is or want Him to be He HAS to come out naturally. How could you keep Him in?

How could you tell people about your weekend without mentioning being at church?

How could you tell people how your evening was without mentioning that you were out volunteering?

How could you be building honest and real relationships while holding back one of the most important people in your life?

Jesus wants to leak out into your everyday. Naturally, organically, in your day to day relationships.

You don’t force Jesus into conversation. You share who you are with people. Share love, grace, and how you found that in your own life and let Jesus leak out as you do.


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