heaven here and now

Monday wasn’t super practical.

It’s a cool idea with some really important implications but what does it look like when we share heaven with people? What is life like if we are choosing the relentless pursuit of heaven in every moment? What are the actions of one with that as their goal?

Tough question, but I hope some of my idea here will resonate with you. There are few elements that need to be present for this to really work. You need relationship. You need grace. You need love.

I think back to the time I back into a friend’s car. My insides were wrenching as I go back inside to tell them. They had all the right in the world to be mad. But it was grace they choose instead and without thought, “No worries bud, it’s an old car. Have good night.”

It’s the time I was pulled over for a rolling stop and the officer said “just stop next time” and then let me go.

It’s the time I left our back door open at home for an entire weekend we were away and Sarah simply asked that I check the house for animals. No anger, just grace.

It’s in those moment people created heaven for me when all I deserved was hell. That’s what it looks like when someone chooses heaven. When someone chooses grace in a relationship not entitlement and rights.

It’s the time I sat in the hospital waiting for my dad to die and a friend stopped by with a bag of energy drinks.

It’s the time when Sarah and I were first married and I got home sick. I’d never lived away from home and I was struggling to adjust. She went out and bought me pizza and rented a TV series I loved because we didn’t have cable and she wanted to make our new home feel a little like home my old home.

It’s the time after my dad died that a good friend printed a ridiculous fake news story from the internet about fantasy baseball (one of my favourite pass times) and wrote “Saw this and thought of you. I’m praying for you.”

It’s in the moments when hell is closing in around you and someone steps in with love. That’s what it looks like when someone chooses heaven. When they come and as opposed to telling you it’s all ok, sit and enter into the moment with you. It’s love in action, not looking to get anything back.

Heaven in the here and now.



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