a little more for me

This week has been all over. Less thematic than I often do.

So to follow along with the lack of theme I thought I’d go back to money. It’s just what’s on my mind and as you know if you read Wednesday’s post, once it’s there it’s just kind of there.

I was wondering what I’d do if I had $100,000,000.00?

What would I do if I had some outrageously large sum of money?

To be honest, it’s fun to think about. Great way to kill a half hour drive home.

Think about it. Tomorrow you wake up with One Hundred Million Dollars! What do you do?

First I thought about how great it’d be to give so much money away. Not like $20 here or there but to set out and say “I’ve got $10,000,000.00 to put towards ending poverty in the Waterloo Region” or “I’ve got $2,000,000.00 to support a real effort to end homelessness.”

How cool would that be!? You could be a part of making serious change.

The best part? I could give away $30 million, invest $50 million so I could keep giving millions away for years and still have $20 million to support my family. Pay for my kid’s school, pay down my brothers mortgage and STILL have loads left for me.

I’ve always wanted really silly things. A big house and fancy car aren’t’ really that interesting to me. I’d love to have a fridge full of the strangest beers, loads of energy drinks and a giant TV to watch while I drink them.

What would you want?

So much good could be done! If only I had more.

Then God had to step in. I don’t know if I can say He’s a jerk but sometimes it feels like He’s a jerk.

It was subtle too. He just slid in and asked “what if you just found $1,000.00 in your bank account today? What if you tax return this year was more than you expected?”

And instantly I thought of all the bills we have, the savings we don’t have enough of, the stuff I wish I could have.

Not even a cent for someone else. Just me…

It would be so easy to be generous if I had everything I needed. If I had all my cares and worries taken care of, I’d be the most generous person in the world. How noble of me.

I live a good life and I have more than I need now but still, if I got just a little more, it’d be for me.

I guess I still need a lot more work being other centred and putting others first.

How are you doing?


3 thoughts on “a little more for me

  1. What??! May down your brothers mortgage??! AWESOME! 🙂 And yes – feeding the homeless is a good idea too 🙂 Great post. Just when we got our tax return back. So yes – great post 🙂

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