My brother and I talk about a lot of ethereal things.

We just sit around and talk about the why’s and how’s of life. What drives people and who is God and why do people do what they do.

There was a period of time where when we talked we understood a lot of what we were talking about based on a person’s world view. Specifically we talked often about how this happens because of a modern world view and that happens because of a post-modern world view. We talked about if it’s possible to have a post-post-modern view.

I know really useful stuff.

But we all do it.

We use labels and categories to understand our world. We do our best to not but ultimately we place people, things and ideas in categories together and then label it. It gives us some sense of understanding. It’s a part of sourcing the why.

This week in home church we were……..drifty. Here, there and back again.

One of the ladies said something that struck me. She talked about being challenge in what she eats. While that was interesting even more interesting was that I had never considered what I eat in the context of God.

This lead me, as I do, to start thinking.

How many categories and labels in my life have no connection to God? How often does God not intersect or have a space or say in a category?

Do I think of my relationships with God when I consider what I eat? Nope!

How many more spaces do I not consider God?

It comes back to categories. Some are spiritual and some are not.

That’s a part of why we don’t see talking with our neighbour as important, or why how I use my ALL of my money isn’t a big deal. It’s not spiritual or at least we don’t see it that way.

That’s why we ask if this counts as ministry. That’s why we put our time into things AT church as opposed to BEING church. That’s why we read out bible but don’t get into relationships.

Bible spiritual.

Relationships not.

We have fragmented ourselves in so many ways. Our beliefs and our actions, our spending and our values, our spiritual life and our real life. I’m still working this idea all the way through but I wonder how much of our lives are dominated by ‘spiritual’ things at the potential detriment of compassion? I wonder if we really grasped that we see God when we love people and that in relationship we can find God and that love is spiritual, would that change how we live?

If we saw our lives as a whole and not as parts would we live different? I dunno but I suspect if we saw all we did as spiritual and knew we could find God in all we do, what we do would change.



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