do you need a new religion?

I like to be right.

Like may not be a strong enough word here but that’s an issue for another day.

Never the less I like to be right. But being right isn’t necessarily enough. I don’t just want to be right in the sense that if there is a right or a wrong I picked correctly. No I want the person I’m speaking with to affirm that I’m right.

To a certain extent me being right doesn’t matter if the person I’m speaking with doesn’t agree.

Now I’ve come a long way on this. I still like to be right but in my younger years I can only imagine how difficult I must have been.

I think we all want to be right, but our rightness can cause real relational issues.

I’m reminded of my younger self. Everyone knew I liked to argue and I liked to be right. So what happened? No one wanted to talk to me about anything that mattered. Why? Because I had the right opinion on EVERTYHING. My need to be right didn’t allow me to form real, deep relationships the way it should.

Even now I often start with “in a not too surprising turn of events I have a thought on that…”

But my desire to be right damage and held back my ability to be loving. It didn’t allow me to be relational and it defiantly had no room for grace.

I’d be gracious after you told me I was right. I’d understand how you could have come to such a silly idea.

So gracious.

I ask a lot more questions now than I did. I try to get an understanding about what others think and why before I share my thoughts. I try, as best as I can (which isn’t that good), to be the other.

By that I mean I try to understand why some one sees the world the way they do. Why that person acts how they do. Put myself in their shoes etc.

I worry less about if I’m right and more about how I share love with someone who sees the world the way they do.

I suppose the need to be right is a great way to let religion ruin your ability to share God. It’s ironic in the end but if you need to be right more than you need to share love which is God you may need a new religion.



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