water for the soul

I don’t drink enough water.

Not in the I only have 4 not 8 glasses of water kind of way but in the I haven’t had a glass of water since Tuesday kind of way (today is Friday).

I drink a lot of coffee so I guess that makes up for it, right?

Whenever I tell someone they think I’m lying.

Quick tangent, has there ever been something more ridiculous to lie or exaggerate? Wow look how cool, I’m in a constant state of dehydration. Why don’t people believe me?

But it’s just something I do. I have been told a ridiculous number of times that I need to drink more water. It’s not healthy for you, your body needs more water, stop complaining about your headaches, etc.

So you know what I do.


I change nothing.

I am entire and completely aware that I’m making a bad choice but I make it every day. I just keep making it over and over despite knowing it’s a bad choice. I was designed to intake more water. I will function better with more water. I will be closer to how I was intended to be when I drink more water.

You see where this goes.

We know how we should live but we just don’t. Some of us don’t even deny that we know better, like me who knows I need to drink more water. But we just don’t change. We just keep fighting ourselves, fighting our purpose, fighting how we were meant to be.

If you’ve been reading anything I write you know what to do. There are loads of ideas here, but it’s ultimately a choice.

Today I’ve had 3 glasses of water, more than in the 5 days before today combined. We can change if we honestly want to.

Do we chose to keep hurting ourselves or do we chose to be what we’re supposed to be?



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