because everyone’s watching

because everyone’s watching – March 2, 2011

I feel like this has been a heavy space.

I suppose sharing stories of my father who has passed away may do that.

Today I hope it will be a brighter space. A little lighter but still motivating.

Today I offer to you a simple give. A give so simple that there is no excuse for any of us to not do it but I assure you that is means a lot.

Today I encourage you to smile.

See wasn’t that hard at all.

My dad had an infectious smile. Really his whole personality was infectious.

He could fill a room with his smile. And if that didn’t do it his laugh did.

The more and more I think about it the more and more I feel that dads laugh was one of the things that made home feel like home.

Dad was the life of our family gatherings and his laugh and his smile are what did it.

He took this brightness everywhere he went.

A hospital room never felt so alive and positive as when dad was there, smiling and laughing.

For something so simple it’s something that will always be with me. Just a smile. A positive, warm, kind face that so gently said ‘and how may I love you today?’

It’s so easy, but if you ask anyone who knew him I’m sure they’d say the same thing.

Wouldn’t that be how you’d want people to see you? A person with so much love to give and such care for people that you literally can’t hold it in and it pours out of you?

Smile, be that person. Share love and joy and grace without even saying a word.

Smile, because everyone’s watching.



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