blueberry bagels

blueberry bagels – March 3, 2011

My dad was a creature of habit. He had a way that he did things.

Once he had his way it was that way for a long long time.

I can remember as a little boy dad took a nap after work, everyday. He would come home around 5 and take a nap for half an hour. As he got sick he continued this habit. It was just what he did.

He also had funny habits about food. Once he got on to something it was the same thing for months. He went on a cream of wheat kick for breakfast. He ate it every morning and loved it every morning. Then out of no where one morning he would change and say ‘I think I want a bagel’ and that was it, cream of wheat was done.

I used to meet with my dad every Thursday morning for coffee, as I’ve mentioned before. I’d call and ask what he wants and it was the same thing every Thursday. A blueberry bagel with cream cheese and a medium double double.

What I learned from all of this was less about food and more about consistency. My dad made the time for me. He knew that the time we spent together was important and he made time for me. He gave up time and would have to work later or longer to make up the hour we sat and talked. But he knew.

It was that consistency that made me realize just how important I was to him. He made me one of his habits and it didn’t change. I mattered too much to be changing and bumping me for other things. My dad taught me we make time for the things that matter and I mattered. And he taught me that by being consistent.

He taught me that by making time.

We want to have meaningful relationships. We want to give in a way that matters. Being consistent matters. Words matter but, word after word with no action start to matter less and less.

If I tell my wife I love her every day but never show it what do those words mean?

If we want to be people who give and people who are known for it then we need to make it a priority. We need to give consistently not just when it’s easy or convenient. We need to make it a habit.

I know my dad in a way I never would have if he hadn’t made giving me time to meet with him a priority and been consistent in his actions.

Give, but do it often. May it not be a fad for you but may it be a consistent part of who you are.



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