It’ not that I prefer talking about our brokenness. I’m also not entirely sure I agree with that last sentence, but I think it’s more to do with how I feel we do such a bad job of it. We don’t do a good job talking about our messiness and brokenness.

Though I think it’s important we don’t forget the good, the light that break darkness.

This weekend Sarah and I moved into our new house. It’s a LOT of work but we’re getting it done. I’m currently covered in paint sitting on the floor, looking at my monitor that is also on the floor. My mouse is on a box.

I was struck by something this weekend or perhaps better put I remember something that I can often forget.

Doing life with people, all their messiness and brokenness, includes the good times. It’s drinking coffee together and sharing tearful memories but it’s also letting people in on your joy. I’ve had so much fun showing people our new house and telling them all the plans we have. My joy is as much a part of me as my brokenness.

And I think that sharing joy with our community can bind us together just like sharing our pain and sorrow.

I may lean towards sharing my damage and sorrow more but community is built off of honest interactions. It’s built by sharing experiences together for good or bad.

My experience and past may push me towards wanting you to share your brokenness with people, share you honest self. But please don’t miss this, I’ve never said to hide you excitement and joy.

I’m working at a better balance and this weekend was a good reminder for me.



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