to complicated

Sarah was out walking with Nolan today.

Being as Nolan is 14 months, it was not a fast walk. As she was slowly rounding a corner she said hi to this elderly gentlman sitting on his scooer. He asked about our baby to come how her day was.

Like I said, Nolan is not a fast walker.

As they continued on their way he said to her “here’s a dollar, take him our for ice cream.”

Sarah said thank you and he said “thanks for chatting with me.”

It’s such a rich story. There is so much in this little interaction.

We could talk about how important it is to see people and how much people want to be seen.

We could talk about how giving for some reason tends to lead to being given to.

We could talk about being thankful for little things in our lives and making sure we share thanks with those who touch us.

We could talk about how we connect for the sake of connecting with not motives beyond because lets be honest what could Sarah possibly have though she would get out of this? She was just being friendly.

Or We could talk about how if you live a life of compassion this is just what happens. God shows up in these unexpected natural interactions where you can share joy and happiness as you go.

It was so easy. A simple conversation.

We really make loving people way to complicated.


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