nothing to flaunt about

On Monday we talked about how we can begin to live out our life of compassion at home. Today I want to go back to Home Church, but to be honest this works for any group of people you’re consistently connected with.

I am far from perfect. Go back and read some of my older writing and you’ll notice the theme. I have so many spaces I want to grow in. There is some ideal me I’m trying to become. A person motivated by love and who chooses grace.

But I still suck on a fairly consistent basis.

One thing I’ve asked my home church to do is help me to suck less. Specifically I’ve asked my community to help me in the areas I’m weak.

I’m not good or consistent at all at reading my bible. I know it’s part of the person I want to be but I just miss it.

So I took my weakness to the group and I think this does some really special things when we bring our weakness to community.

Not that people actively think it, but it shows your humanity. You’re not perfect and you know it.

It’s show that you value the group. You trust them and you need them.

It gives the community a chance to support you which may be a space that some of them need to grow. There will be those in your community who need blatant opportunities to start becoming other centred.

It builds connection. You will become closer as you share more of who you really and truly are and who you think God is trying to make you.

So they text me. It’s simple and easy “hey, read your bible” “did you read today” and it’s working.

Take time to be open. Take time to share your weakness and ask for help. Give people and opportunity to love you and love them back when they are vulnerable.

Be humble and gracious. Just because you’ve identified your weakness doesn’t mean everyone has or that everyone is ready to work on theirs.

Also don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re talking about your weakness, nothing to flaunt about.



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