they demand it

I didn’t know what to write about yesterday.

I knew I wanted to do something but didn’t know what. I hum and hawed. I started and stopped. I looked at a few drafts but nothing was coming together.

So I did nothing.

You ever do that?

You don’t know what to do so you just do nothing at all?

We worry about the perfect thing to say. We worry about what they’ll think of us if we say the wrong thing. We worry about putting out less than our best because people may disagree or may not want it.

What if I say the wrong thing and hurt someone? I should just do nothing.

What if I bring up something they don’t want to talk about? I’ll just leave it be

What if….we thought a little less about ourselves?

I wrote nothing because it wasn’t what I wanted to write. I wrote nothing because it wasn’t going to sound the way I wanted it too. But maybe it would have been right for you. Maybe you needed my fragmented and non-cohesive thoughts yesterday.

Maybe I think about what I need way too much.

We think about what to say/do/be more than we think about what those in our relationships need. They need to be seen and loved not us fixed and perfect.

Honest, real, open relationships demand times where we don’t know what to do but we stay anyway. They demand that we think more of the other and what they need. They demand that we do something.



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