God shows up everywhere

I left my lunch at work. Well to be specific it was at another community centre. I was there helping out.

I got back to my office and realized I had left it. I, to be honest didn’t think much of it. It was just some left over pasta. I’ve got more at home and I’ve got more than enough in my freezer to make more.

It’s at moments like these I feel like I could not have less perspective on the world.

I wonder how many people in the world can just leave a full meal? I wonder how many folks could be aware that they are wasting a full me and not feel anything about it. Meh, just a one meal.

From my limited experience this is why people stay away from a real deep commitment to the life of compassion and the teachings of Jesus. It just pops up in the most unexpected and frustrating places. It just some pasta!

But it’s that mindset that is so troubling. I know how much I have and that I can afford to waste. I know I don’t really need anything and I don’t want for much. It’s just some food but I got loads more. I just see the world through the eyes of a person so blessed he doesn’t even notice anymore.

I’ve written here about understanding the experience of those who are marginalized. I’ve written about how you should get involved in supporting those on the fringes. I’ve written that you should see you budget as a moral document. Then I go and waste what I have.

So while out this afternoon I went and got my lunch. I’ll eat it for dinner tonight.

I can’t keep talking about stewarding the money God has given us and waste the resources I have. I can’t tell you how important it is to feed the hungry in our communities and support those without homes and then go and waste what I’ve been blessed with. How much money do I waste each year that I could give away simply by thinking about food not as a blessing but just something I get more of when I need it?

And that’s the problem. I don’t see it as a blessing. I earned it. I work hard, I save and somehow I’m owed the right to waste what’s mine. I can only imagine the number of times I take what I have for granted. It’s so ingrained in me that I don’t even realize that for the majority of the world to simply waste a full meal would be unfathomable.

God pops up in strange places. For me today it was how I waste what he’s given me. I don’t know where He’ll show up tomorrow. What I do know is that when I started looking at how God really wants me to live I never thought how or what I eat would matter. I never would have guess that God would convict me over leftovers.

But compassion is about everything. God wants it all and if you let him, He’ll show up everywhere.



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