a blatant ask for money

I’m big into community.

Every time I write here it’s about changing actions to connect with, love and serve the community you live in. On a day like today it seems so obvious how blessed we are to be in Canada and the communities inside of it.

They are not perfect but we have social safety nets, we have schools for everyone, we are taught to see everyone as equal and that they have value. We are blessed.

But we are called to love everyone.

It’s not a topic I touch on much but I want to ask you to think about how we can support and be a part of community around the world. How do we support those who are marginalized and needing hope and grace and love around the world?

For most of us it’s going to be with our money and it’s going to be with an agency we believe in. This is totally biased and 100% meant to encourage you to give your money to worthy cause. Transparency here, I’m going to tell you about my favourite agency and why. I think you should give them money to do their work. If you don’t want to hear about an amazing space that helps to restore community you can come back Wednesday ‘cause that’s all that left in this post. No tricks, no manipulation, if you keep reading you know what you’re going to see and why I’m doing it. I think they are importation and their work is important to me so I’m using this space to share what’s important to me.



So, if you’re looking for a space to start let me suggest cbm.  I love the work they do. My mother has been involved with them for years and one of the reasons is because of the focus they have on those with disabilities. It’s a topic that hit close to home with a father who was disabled for 13 years before he passed away.

Dad was still involved in community. He still worked and continued to invest in people and be an active part of community. There are so many places in the world that isn’t possible. People are neglected and shunned for complications and disabilities they had no control over.

That’s why I love the work of cbm. They take someone with cataracts who is a drain on society and their family unit and in just an hour not only does that person get to see again their community gets a member back. Their families has another person to help contribute. The work they do alleviating curable disability has ripples effects arcoss the entire community.

So if you’re wondering how to get involved in global community think about cbm. Be a part of bringing wholeness and community back into someone’s life.


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