yes I can

So if you need to be taken advantage of to be generous (as I claimed on Wednesday) how do you do that?

Are there ways you can place yourself in situations to be taken advantage of? Is that even a good idea?

Of course it’s a good idea!

Sasha Dichter has an intriguing idea that I think will work for this. He talks about simply saying yes to everyone and everything. Pick a time for how long you’re going to do it and go. An hour, a day, a week, whatever.

Can you give me a ride? Yup!

Can you spare some change? Of course I can.

Can we talk for a minute? Sure.


Is it possible the person asking for a ride could just take a bus and has all the means to do so? Yeah.

Is it possible the person asking for money may use it for drugs or alcohol or actually be rich driving some sort of expensive car or whatever reason you were told not to give money to people pan handling? Yes.

Is it possible the person wanting to talk will talk your ear off for an hour and take all your energy as you listen to them babble about how their kid should have made the rep soccer team but didn’t and it’s because the system is against them even though your fairly sure there is not soccer system? These things could happen.


It’s just as likely this person may need a ride to get to a job interview.

It’s just  as possible this person hasn’t eaten all day and won’t eat without your help.

It’s just as possible this person is dying on the inside and needs someone to listen and love them before they just give up.

Yes people will take advantage, but let’s be honest, is it really all that bad even if they do?



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