it’s cries out

There’s this great idea about how deep calls out to deep. It’s in Psalms

Now I’m not a theologian but it speaks to me. I speaks to the type of life were talking about here. This could be entirely not what if actually means but to me its about community and shared experience.

It’s like shared interests on steroids.

I love basketball and baseball. I might like talking about them more than watching or playing them. I get excited and energized when someone knows the stats and wants to debate if Kobe is as good as the perception or do RBIs actual mean anything. We connect.

But when deep cries out to deep its that on a new level.

My depth and experience connect with yours. My pain and your pain commune in a way that doesn’t totally make sense but also totally does. How do two broken people being broken together begin to feel whole in a way that a broken and whole person who spend time together doesn’t?

Our depth cries out for understanding and connection. It cried out for community and love. It cries out for depth. Real, honest and true depth.

What does your deep cry out for and who’s depth needs yours?



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