joy and pain

Tomorrow my wife and I being the process of having our second child. She is scheduled for an induction and we are off the hospital first thing tomorrow morning.

It’s a super exciting time and we’ve got all kinds of emotions right now.

I’m excited for our new baby. Our family is growing and life is going to change again.

Which makes me nervous. I love my life right now. I expect to love life with a new baby but how can you know that you’ll love change?

I’m happy because this is what we’ve wanted and planed for.

But also sad. I’m sad my dad isn’t around. He never got ot meet Nolan and he won’t get ot meet our new child either.

It seems like this should all be simple. Baby=happy, but it’s never that simple. It reminds me of how nothing is really that simple. Father’s day should be fun and festive but I miss my dad and find I’m more sad that weekend than happy. I love Christmas but for loads of people it’s a holiday filled with stress and angst.

This is what I’m talking about when I talk about meeting people where they are at. Be excited and be full of joy in the times when you feel joyful. But be respectful and understand that some people aren’t there. Maybe they’ve lost a loved one or wished they could have what you have.

Don’t be sad or hide your excitement, but if you’re trying to build relationship and love you friend be excited but don’t be fixated. Share you excitement with them, give them space to share their pain if they want then move on. Don’t force a friend to dwell in pain.

Where’s the joy in that?




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