the burning car at the end of your rope

the burning car at the end of your rope

August 15, 2011 by Philip | Edit

I would say that I am a fairly rational person.

I act in what seems like a relatively logical way. I try to be aware of my soundings and the impact of the things that I say and do. I know that I don’t live in a vacuum and to some my thoughts, opinions and actions will hold weight. Not much weight but hey even a feather weighs something, right?

So cognizant of that, I don’t say everything I think. Much like most of us I would imagine. We have our thoughts and we filter. We get hurt and we say ‘it’s ok, no worries’.

But what do we do when the grace runs out? When they’ve pushed to far too many times. When they should have known better but still just don’t get it?

The answer is fairly obvious.

We give grace.

Yup, so simple isn’t it? We just keep giving it.

See we may run out of grace but grace never stops being the answer. No matter how many times and how hurt we end up grace HAS to be the answer.

Might I encourage you to answer with grace a little more. Maybe all you have is once more. You feel like ‘one more time and I’m going to light their car on fire’ (or whatever it is that reasonable people say at the end of their rope).

One more time. Just once more.



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