is need really enough?

is need really enough?

April 20, 2011 by Philip | Edit

How often should we give?

Not in a number counting kind of way but in a here is someone who needs but they are using our giving wrong.

What an odd statement to make, using our giving wrong, but you think it sometimes don’t you? I do. If you don’t that is remarkable and I want to know what your secret is.

I don’t know why we do it but I think sometimes we see giving as kind of a contract. Like we say,

‘I see you’re in need and I want to help but you have to be helped the way I choose to help you. Here are you steps to getting my help. You must say the proper things to me when you ask for help. You know look sad and talk about how much what I’m doing is impacting you and how I’m marvelous. Once I give this to you make sure you only use it the way I deem appropriate. You don’t get to choose what you need or want, I do. If you choose to not comply with these stipulations I’ll find someone who needs me to give to them more, because if you needed it you’d jump through all my hoops to get it.’

Sure it’s over the top and it’s not like that but how often do you catch yourself holding back? How often do you ask ‘I wonder if they will appreciate this enough, it’d be a lot of work’ or ‘I don’t want to waste my giving on someone who won’t be responsible with it’.

Yes we should be a good steward of our resources but do you see how arrogant and controlling that all is? As if need isn’t enough.

We give because it’s the right thing to do. Because we have resources others desperately need. Because people matter more than our stuff. Because it’s about showing love and grace over and over and not keeping track of when someone took advantage of us.

If no one has ever taken advantage of you how generous are you really?



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