fighting sleep

fighting sleep

March 18, 2011 by Philip | Edit

I never seam to have enough sleep.

I can sleep and sleep and sleep. I’m told as I grow older I’ll sleep less but I haven’t seen it yet. I can still sleep in until noon if the day would allow me but life doesn’t usually work out that way. I can’t sleep until noon every day because I have work, and a wife, and volunteering, and volleyball, and on and on and on.

Do you ever get tired?

Do you ever step back and say ‘nope I’m not doing anymore’?

Do you feel guilty after?

I do sometimes.

I consider myself good at resting. I really value rest and I place a lot of importance on me getting the rest I know I need. I work at it and I prioritize rest. I think that I have a nice balance in my life but even still I get worn out and feel like I just don’t have it anyone more and I sometimes feel like I can’t just stop. I’ve made commitments and people need me. I wonder what would happen if I just said ‘I need some space to rest. I’m in 100% next week but this week I need to rest.’

I’d probably feel guilty. Like I failed in a way.

But we shouldn’t. We need time to rest. We need time to take care of ourselves. A burned out person can’t help anyone.

Yes there are lots of people who could take this the wrong way and stay home in their comfortable lives and not invest in others. But everyone needs rest. Everyone needs to recharge.

There are times and seasons in your life where you will need to push through and give more than you feel like you’ve got. But not every time. Not always.

Sometimes you need to stop, if only for a moment.

So if you, like I have, have had a tiring stretch maybe you need some space this weekend to rest, guilt free. Maybe you too need to let your energy and your passion and you soul breath for a few moments. Maybe you feel like I do, tired, worn out and in need of some quiet.

Take that time this weekend. Find those spaces where you can get what you need so you can keep giving and focusing on others the way you want to.

And if anyone complains tell them I told you too.



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