busy, busy, busy

Trendy seems like a bad word to describe it but being busy is trendy these days. I mentioned on Monday how I think people not just expect everyone else to busy but wonder if you’re not busy.

But there has to be something different about a life of compassion, parts of your life that set you apart from the norm. Things that people see and say “I want that. I need that in my life. How do you get to being like that?”

Wouldn’t it say something to the people you meet if you always had time for them and that relationship?

What does it say to your friends, family, co-workers is you’re always busy?

I worry it says “I don’t have time for you”

I worry it says “you know how busy I am, stop bugging me”

I worry it says “you’re not important enough for me to have time for you”

I worry it says “don’t bring me your problems, I’ve already got to much going on”.

Where is your time to sit on your front porch and talk to your neighbours as they pass?

Where is your time to call a friend you’ve been missing just to talk?

Where is your time to get coffee and let someone share their pain?

How do we get into the messiness of people’s lives when our time is so tight there is no room for mess?

When it comes to compassion and busyness, I think our lives need to be marked by time. Time to talk, time to listen, time to love, time to share. When everyone around is sooooo busy, it says a lot about you and what matters when you can say “I’ve got lots of time to hear your story, start from the top”.



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