work, time, energy

People do a lot for what they believe in.

I wrote last week about the commitment involved with the Muslim faith and how I think it may at times be easier. But people of all beliefs put forth a lot of time.

Going back to the young lady form Amnesty, she was walking around in the rain on a Saturday because she believed in the cause.

Am I saying we should go door to door? No.

But this idea of time and commitment keeps coming back. I can’t shake it.

It’s so easy to be a Christian in the west. Let’s be honest, we don’t have a lot asked of us. Go to church on Sunday. Help with a food drive. Give some money to a missionary. Be a nice person.

But we are called to so much more and this young woman working hard for what she believed in reminded that we have to put effort into it. It take works and time and energy. Work, time and energy I often don’t put enough of in.



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