social norms and Sarah’s clear disregard for them

So I’m sitting in church minding my own business.

I’m drinking my coffee, arguing with God about singing songs (we do that every week. It’s like our thing. I’m a little stubborn) and then Sarah has to go and make it all awkward.

We sit down and it’s time to meet who’s around you, but that’s not what people actually do. You shake hands, say hello, sit down and that’s it. But not my Sarah.


“Hi, are you guys new? You looked kinda lost when you came in.”

“ummmm…. yeah, it’s our first time.”

“oh great! How did you hear about the meeting house?”

“ohh…. well we’ve been listening to the podcast for a while.”

“That’s so good. Bruxy is a great teacher. I’m Sarah.”

She just jumps right in!!!!!

No sense of social norms, or awareness for how awkward her talking over to me to perfect strangers is.


And that’s part of why I love her so much.

She just does. Just powers through and connects.

I’ve been trying to live a life of compassion for a little while now and it’s still awkward. It’s still hard to talk to people I don’t know. That could have gone awful. It’s scary to put yourself out there.

I bring it up to encourage you. If you’re like me and this stuff makes you feel awkward, we’re in the same anxiety inducing boat. And maybe like me you’ve been at this a while and you’re still awkward about it.

Cool, we can talk about it together. We’re in the same place.

It may never go away, but Sarah displayed what it’s supposed to be. It’s people putting themselves out there to connect and bring others into community.

Our sometimes awkward, anxiety filled community.



2 thoughts on “social norms and Sarah’s clear disregard for them

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