lets talk about Sarah again :)

I’m going to talk about Sarah again.


‘Cause she’s awesome and does awesome things that people just don’t do.

Sarah likes to walk. She likes to be healthy and she likes our kids to be quiet, which they tend to be on walk. It’s a total win win. You could toss another win in there because she also hates being inside and must always enjoy the sun. You can miss a sun opportunity.

I don’t get it.

As we walk she says hi to everyone. Doesn’t matter who they are. If we are walking down the street and pass you, you get a super pleasant and smile filled “HI.”

In a not too surprising turn of events Sarah meets people.

I wrote about the gentleman she meet sitting on a bench.

We meet our new neighbour because she said hi. We went over to her house for a camp fire that weekend.

It’s simple, but this stuff isn’t complicated. But let me tell you it can sure be awkward when you say hi to total strangers.

But that’s why we all have Sarah and her complete disregard for social convention. She does what she does and this one builds community and relationship.


One thought on “lets talk about Sarah again :)

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