it must be money

So we tithe.

It’s a part of the life of compassion. We tithe to the church and I suggest we start at 10%.

Our giving certainly doesn’t end with the church or with the 10% but it starts there. As part of our source and our community and our commitment we start there.

And our tithe IS our money.

I may have heard every possible interpretation of giving and tithing.

“I tithe my time.”

“I tithe my cottage.”

“I tithe my expertise”

“I tithe me ….”


You give your time out of generosity and love.

You’re gracious with your cottage and the blessing you have.

You pour back into community that has poured into you.

You tithe your money.

If there is one lasting thing I can impress upon you this week let it be this.

If you strive to live a life of compassion you need to give money away.

We spend far too much time thinking of reasons why we don’t need to give our hard earned money. We create reasons and systems that tell us we can keep our money if we do this instead. We hoard our money and then cover up our guilt with good deeds.

We need to give our money.

Generosity includes time, effort, resources, knowledge, it’s all there. We are called to all of those graces and to be generous in each of those spaces.

But none of those change our need to be generous with our money.



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