what process and why should I trust it?

Yesterday I talked about trusting the process.

You may note that in no way did I lay out a process. What is it that I’m asking you to trust?

Well if I told you everything yesterday what would I write about today?

But in all seriousness what is this process about?

What I’m talking about is integration and shift towards an other centred life or a life marked by compassion. It’s a process. Few people can wake up and decide they are going to radical and totally change their lives and the way they live.

It could very well be impossible.

So these weekly steps, a big portion of my writing even, is about slowly seeing the world differently. It’s about slowly engaging with the world differently. It’s about changing the way you see and react to the world. And that is slow.

The hope is that you take some of these weekly ideas and try to keep doing them. As opposed to just doing what’s up for that week you actually add it into your life.

Slowly changing the way you see the world and the way you connect.

But what about those of you who have bought in? Those who said long ago “I’m all in when it comes to compassion. This is who I want to be.”

What does it mean for you to trust the process?

My wife and I were talking with some friends of ours. They were thinking of creating a space to really connect with community. They wanted to build a space where people would come and they would do life together. They would help each other live lives of action and accountability to the radical grace and love God called us to.

Sounds great.

The frustrating part was my wife and I wanted to build that same space a year before. We even invited these friends to come hang out with us.

A year before I posted this on my Facebook wall:

“Sarah and I are starting a group for people who live in New Hamburg and Baden focused on the engaging with and serving the community. It’s going to take a sizable commitment. If you’re possibly interested let me know”

An open invitation to people to come and journey with us. We even personally invited these friends.

It sounds an awful lot like what our friends were telling us they wanted to create.

Why couldn’t they have just seen this was what they wanted when we asked them? Why wouldn’t they join us when we were trying to create the space they were now trying to build? Why couldn’t they see that this was the life they wanted and are called to live?

Because it’s a process and one that we need to trust.

The process towards other centered living can be long and I think often really hard.

For me it involved the loss of my father, who was also the only pastor I’d ever had so my spiritual leader as well, my church, my entire sense of grounding.

It’s a story for another day but I lost God in that process.

And that process was over 2 years just to get the point where I said “I need to live a little different.”

It is so easy to forget that you didn’t get here in a day. It’s so easy for me to forget that I’ve been working at this for years and still kinda suck at it. None of us are done this process, just different stages of the same journey.

So for those of you who have stepped in and started that’s amazing. But don’t forget where you started. Don’t forget how you started. Don’t forget what happened along the way.

You didn’t get there in a day. It was a process and one you need to trust is happening in others. It’s a process you can support. It’s a process you can encourage, but it cannot be rushed.

It can’t be forced.

Trust the process in your family, friends and community. Give them all the tools and supports you can including all the grace and love you have. Then trust that once they start they will see what you see. That there is a life better lived and its other centred.



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