making space

This is one of my favourites.

This week we will be committing to: not being the one to end a conversation.

I love this one. It’s such an easy choice that gives so much space for relationship to grow.

Think about how often we are too busy for people. Too busy to connect, too busy to talk, too busy to see someone? This is an easy way to create space for people in your life.

What I think you’ll find is that it doesn’t strain your time as much as you might worry it will. I remember a while back Sarah told me about when she was out walking. She was walking with our first son, our second hadn’t been born yet, and ran into someone we knew. Sarah chatted briefly then excused herself to get home.

But she wasn’t doing anything at home. There was no rush. No reason to jump out of that conversation other than to just finish the walk and get home.

I think we do this a lot more than we realize. We end conversations so we can finish whatever we are doing with no real time pressure being there. We artificially create a busyness that we can’t just connect.

Or the things we NEED to do don’t NEED to be done. It would be good if I got back from my walk and did the dishes, but they will be there in 10 minutes this opportunity to connect won’t. We forfeit this very time sensitive relationship for chores or activities that have no real time connection other than our own personal desire for them to be finished.

Give it a try. Don’t be too busy for people or for relationships.

Instead invest in people. Give them space to share what matters and to connect. So often people just want to be seen. They want someone to give them the time of day. This is a great way to do that and it gives God loads of space to move in a conversation and to give openings for real depth that wouldn’t be there if we rush.

Relationships take time, be the one to make it this week.



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