a simple warning

This will cost you money.

Like I said yesterday, I try to be up front and transparent. Sometimes I get ranty and long winded. I get complicated and intricate.

Not today.

A life of compassion will cost you money.

You are going to put yourself in relationships that will cost you. You are going to connect and engage with your neighbours and those who have been marginalized by society.

Money will come up and you will give.


Giving is amazing. It’s like exercise. It hurts and you often try to find ways not to do it but it’s rare that after you’ve been generous you regret it.

Sure there will be times you get taken advantage of just like there are times you pull a muscle at the gym. And it holds you back. It makes you tentative. You start out small and build back up to where you were.

I’ve said it before and I really mean it. Generous people get taken advantage of. So if you’ve never been taken advantage of you may not be a generous as you think you are.

Don’t think for one second you can live a life or compassion, a life of love, a life of grace and it not affect your bank account. It will cost you money, of that there is no debate.

So don’t be taken aback when it happens. Don’t be surprised when the request comes and God says “give.”

You’ve been warned.



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