when the answer isn’t yep

We were talking at our home church about what happens if the answer just isn’t yep? If you don’t know what I mean go back and read yesterday’s post.

What do you do when there are lines and boundaries?

The conversation was good but when all was said and done one salient point came out.

You must always love.

Yes you may set boundaries, yes you may not ask for advice or share your heart the same way, and yes you may see less of someone.

But you must always love.

It seems so clear but when you’re talking about someone who is divisive or being hurtful and cruel it’s not so clear. You talk about how you need to change the way you connect with them. So often that means we stop loving.

It’s such an easy criticism of Christians to see how when they disagree the often don’t just disagree but they no longer love. “You’ve made your choice, you’re not one of us” and with that the love goes too.

But love is a choice. It’s the motive that drives us. It’s the way we act even when it may not be the way we feel.



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