peace in her hands

Today was not fantastic.

Points of the day were good, but there were some less than ideal portions.

While I was on a rather difficult phone call one of my co-workers quietly appeared in my door. She was holding a coffee. If you’ve been reading here long you understand my deep connection to coffee.

She had heard part of my call and could sense how frustrated I was and how much I was struggling with the call. I didn’t have good answers for the person on the other end and they needed good answers.

It turned my day around.

She just appeared with peace in her hands. “I could tell you needed this.”

Relationships allow for this kind of love. Knowing how I work and who I am and being able to tell right away I was frustrated. But more than just reading the situation, knowing how much a coffee would mean and how much something so simple changes my entire day and then doing something with all that information.

It’s that kind of love we strive for.

Love, in relationships, in action.



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