just shut up

Some times we need to shut up.

We may know what’s best. We may be right. Shut up anyway.

My mother often asks the question “to what end?”

So often the end is my rightness. I need people to know I was right. They need to know how smart, or clever, or whatever I am and my rightness will show them. But it’s really all about me. It’s not for them.

There have been so many times I’ve told someone what to do and how to do it and they refuse to listen. A few weeks later they come back and tell me how they’ve changed or solved their problem and it’s exactly what I said to do. But they needed to find it. They needed to get there on their own.

I needed to shut up. I needed to listen.

As compassionate people we are called to love and there are so many times when love means we hold our tongue.

It’s nothing earth shattering. Listening is often better than talking. But the reminder that even when you have the right answer the answer is still often, shut up.


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