it just works

I was struck again by how much I like this idea.

There have been loads of times I’ve said “let me know if you need anything” and then I can’t do what the person needs. I’m to busy, not skilled and at times just don’t actually want to. But by making a list I’m forced to consider what I’m honestly prepared to do. It forces me to think about the person, our relationship, what I have to offer.

I like that it doesn’t force the person your trying to support to do one more thing. To worry about if my offer was sincere, which some times it wasn’t. To consider all that needs to be done or all the ways they need support and judge what they feel comfortable asking for. No concerns about asking to much or asking when the offer wasn’t real.

You offer what you can honestly do and the person you’re supporting simple has to pick and choose, no thinking or worrying.

It just works.




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