I like to talk.

I often talk too much.


I have opinions.

I tend to share them too much.


I consider myself helpful.

I often try to fix things when that’s not really the point.


I consider myself intelligent.

I try to be right a lot more than I love.


This week let the people in your life rant and vent all they need to. No fixing or sorting. No opinions or talking. No attempts to render meaning where love is all that’s needed.

Shhhhh…we’re just listening this time.


2 thoughts on “shhhhh…

  1. I have been thanked more profusely by clients when all I’ve offered is love/compassion and a listening ear–even at times when I felt I had ‘done’ nothing to help–than I’ve been thanked for any other thing. It is a big deal. If there were more listening ears/hearts, I’d be out of work. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I find I need a reminder about this almost every day. I know it’s one of the best ways to love but I often just suck at it. Glad there are people like yourself a little more gifted with this than me.


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