the love they need

People are different.

Bold I know. But I think we really forget this when we look at loving and connecting with people.

At work today we were talking about stress and burn out and how people deal with expectations pulling us in every direction.

Not too surprisingly, people address these problems in a load of different ways. I often remind myself that just because I would or could do something one way it’s not the only or even always the best way. It’s a way.

But so often we expect people to be like us. To make the choices we do. To hold the values we do. But they don’t.

And so we go to love them like we want to be loved. We connect how we wish people would connect with us.

Great, but we can’t stop there.

Love is so personal. The experience of love is so personal. The elements may be universal, being patient, kind, gracious, not keeping score, but the way that plays out in a relationships is unique every time.

There is not one size fits all for how our love is manifested. We need to love people in a way that connects with and resonates with them. We need to meet them with the love they need  in the place they are.

I need this reminder every now and again, maybe you do to.



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