effort will show your sincerity

I was going to write about technology but it’s been done so much it’s not interesting anymore.

Fact is we live in this technological world and have for some time.

But the longer technology is so ingrained in our lives the more meaningful connection without technology will become. The effort to make it happen means something.

This week we are challenged to put in some effort for those who have had some meaning in our lives.

Each day write a letter or a note. Doesn’t have to be long but it does have to be handwritten, awful penmanship and all. Write something each day to a person who has made an impact on your life. So often those who change us have no idea they’ve done it.

Maybe it was at a time when we couldn’t articulate the impact or it seemed to us the impact was so obvious we didn’t need to mention it.

Either way, every day this week share the meaning someone has had in your life with them.

Connect in a way that these days shows real care an intent. Your effort will show your sincerity.



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