what hole do you leave?

I was thinking more about the song lyric from yesterday.

It drew to mind the idea of legacy. What do we leave behind?

Often when someone talks about legacy it’s in relation to death. What will you leave for your family? What will the world be like when your gone? I think those are important questions. If you are in ANY relationships you there will be some kind of impact when you’re no longer around.

Who are you?

What do people see?

Have you ever asked?

It’s an interesting process. Asking people who can be honest with you. Finding out how the world sees you. Hearing about your legacy while you still have time to impact it.

Are you who you think you are? Want to be? Have been called to be?

I suppose the easiest way to alter you life legacy once you start to see what it’s becoming is to break it down.

Consider this, when you leave a room/conversation/party/whatever, what do you leave behind?

What is the space like when you’re gone? What hole do you leave?

Is it more fun?


More pleasant?


Less encouraging?

Less loving?

What do you leave behind? Do you leave a hole that people are excited about because that hole means this space is now better?

Or do you leave a hole worth leaving? One that speaks to your love and care and impact on the people your in relationships with? A hole people notice for all the right reasons. One they hope you will come and fill again and again.

If the hole you leave day by day isn’t worth leaving, the hole you leave when you die won’t be much better.



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