pen and paper

I was reminded this week why I like computers. Writing by hand takes a loooooong time!

I didn’t get to one a day. I did write a few. One a day was an ambitious goal.

But I was good. I’m excited to hear back, but more than that I’m hoping people felt loved. I got a few cards this week at work. Some were standard business one but some were honest and real. Hand written. With an honest hope for good to happen in my life because these people know me and care for me.

One was a thank you for all the work I’d done this year. I don’t often feel like people get or understand the work that I do and so there aren’t a lot of people showing appreciation to me. They appreciate the centre and the staff they know but not always me.

So these small gestures where I’m seen, where my hand in their life is noticed means a lot.

I hope my words mean as much to the people I wrote to.



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