the most important thing

This week our goal is to connect. Tonight might be a good time.

In the spirit of New Years and new starts the idea for this week is to connect with someone you haven’t in a long time and if necessary be the first to forgive.

Ultimately the most important thing in life is our relationships. Our relationship with each other and our relationship with Jesus.

So when I talk about reconnecting and forgiving it’s because relationships are so integral to our lives. Again, they are the most important thing. And like so many people know, forgiveness is almost always more about you than them. They may still be made or hurt but until you forgive you’re allowing that situation to have control in your life. Your life isn’t full because of the hurt, pain, bitterness you’re holding. Forgiveness doesn’t condone what was done but says I’m moving on and I won’t allow that to dictate how I act or feel.

Forgive, releases yourself and them. Who knows maybe they are ready for reconciliation.

If relationships are the most important thing in the world then repairing a torn relationship is about as important as it gets.  



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