more than we need

End with less than you started.

That’s the plan for this week.

Less money, less stuff, less something.

While this exercise has the great side effect of begin generous and hopeful that generosity is directed at people in need those aren’t the final goals. At time being generous is all we’re trying to do. Just find ways to make generosity a part of our lives. Sometimes we are finding ways to connect with the marginalized and use our resources to support those who need support.

But this is actually about getting our heads in the right space.

All month we are going to be looking at challenges that centre our priorities. Activities that slowly break down the hold that things in our lives have on us. This week it’s our possessions. It’s our accumulation. It’s our stuff.

Our stuff has a hold on must of us that we don’t even notice. We accumulate and gain as much as we can. It’s money, it’s clothes, it’s whatever.

Our stuff is used to define us. Our stuff gives us security. Our stuff gives us status.

This week we take control of our stuff and say “what do I need and what can I bless someone with.”



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