know what I mean

Take time this week to talk with someone you interact with often, even better if they aren’t a Christian, and ask them who they see you as? That’ the challenge this week.

It’s a part of our plan to reflect. The hope of this activity is two fold.

First it allows you to see yourself in a way many of us can’t. It helps if it’s a person you know but don’t maybe “know” if you know what I mean. If I ask someone I’m close with they will filter my actions and words. They will look at what I do and then fit that to the person I talk about or say I want to be.

“Phil’s a generous guy so it’s odd that he wasn’t’ generous. He’s still a generous guy that was just a little blip.”

Someone who doesn’t know me as well might not know that it’s a goal of mine to be generous. They may see me as selfish or who knows but not generous at all. They won’t give me a break or talk away inconsistencies. They will share who I am.

They can see a truer reality of who I am.

The people how know me can help me be the person I want to be and support me as I change but I can’t change what I don’t know I need to. This will help.

Second and far more important, it’s an opportunity to talk. You’ll no doubt be asked why. You can talk about how you want be consistent and are working hard not to be that stereotypical hypocrite Christian. You want to be a person who is open and honest and lives it out.

It’s a chance to share God with someone. A chance to be open and vulnerable about the struggle to be a Christian but also the value and what a world full of people living with others at the center could be.

It’s almost like you could share some good news with them…



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