I wish I knew

Over and over I come back to the question of why.

Why bother with compassion?

Why isn’t it just easier?

Why doesn’t everyone else see this?

Why do so many Christians truly seeking God not see it?

Why did it take so long for me as a Christian to learn and understand what appears to be fundamental to the life God wants for me?

Why do we stop at loving those in the church?

Why do the ideas resonate with people but the actions not follow?

Why do people say they value this but then not act?

Why don’t I make more time for this?

Why won’t I prioritize it?

Why after realizing I’m not prioritizing it and being frustrated that others don’t see this won’t I still prioritize compassion?

Why can’t I go back?

Why can’t I just be the way I was?

I wish I knew. I suspect often you do to.



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