why isn’t an excuse

You are accountable for you.

I think when someone spends as much time as I do looking at the why and pondering the struggle there is some sense that I need to sort it first. I’ll get into this life once I understand why I haven’t. I think this happens a lot in leadership.

My home church doesn’t want to do compassion so I’ll start once I can get them moving.

The church isn’t supporting me (one of my personal favourites).

I don’t have people to do this with.

Whatever the reason we are struggling, understood or not, the why doesn’t end out accountability.

A home church wondering why everyone doesn’t want to do compassion doesn’t mean those who are wondering why can just wonder and not be in action.

A person in a church that isn’t supporting their life of compassion doesn’t get a pass to not live the way they are called to live.

If people don’t come along side it admittedly sucks but its your call. You’re accountable for you.

Thinking about the why is helpful and the struggle has meaning but when it’s all over you knew the life you were called to live and you either did or didn’t.



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