marvel at the intricacy

People are complex.

There is a depth and intricacy that we so often don’t notice or have time to consider.

I think I say “people do dumb things” almost every day. Rarely do I stop and consider why. Rarely do I stop and wonder about the life and experience and circumstance that lead a person to do something that I consider dumb.

It’s easier to label than understand the whole person. The reason they are as they are, warts, scares, triumphs and excitement.

This week ask someone to tell you their story. Ask someone to share with you who they are. Someone you know but don’t know, maybe the person who you asked last week who they see you as.

Offer the opportunity for someone to be excited and brag about their success or be sullen and share they messiness.

Just listen and marvel in the wonder that makes us all who we are.



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