compassion may be wrong

John 13:35  “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

In an unexpected turn for this blog I’ve decided to quote some bible verses. Edgy I know.

I’ve been mulling if my commitment to compassion is a problem. I’ve been wondering if my constant talking and championing this life of compassion is a bad idea.

My mullings however I’m going to guess are not what you would expect.

I’m not worried that it talks to much about doing and not enough about being or that it gives the idea that you can work or earn your way into heaven. I think I’m clear that this is the life God calls us to. That means you know God and know that He has a better way. You didn’t earn that connection with God, this is merely the result of connecting with our source.

I’m also not worried that this other centred life doesn’t allow for you as a person to grow. That since you spend all this time thinking about other people and loving them when do you get to connect with God and grow. I’ve talked lots about rest and more than that, I’m all about self-reflection.

Horrible, life altering, self-reflection. Looking into the darkest parts and seeing what’s really there.

What I do worry about is when I talk about doing compassion and invite people to do a compassion challenge it makes a differentiation I’m not sure I like. Not only does it say that compassion is something you do it makes it sound like a fad or a diet “come and try to compassionate life.”

That’s not what this is about.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep using the word or not, but don’t be mistaken.

When/if I say “living a life of compassion” what I’m asking is are you ready to be a mature disciple or not? Are you ready to be a mature Christian or not?

It’s not a fad.

What I’m asking is do you or do you not want to live the way God has called you to at all times? Are you ready to be a disciple? Are you ready to be the thing so many of us have said we are for most of our life?



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