propagating hate for Christ

I am easily distracted.

I doesn’t take a lot of me to get side tracked and the blogosphere is exceptionally distracting. From embed links to “more articles like this” and that doesn’t even get to blogs writing about other blog posts. It doesn’t take much for me to be two or three clicks deep and think “what on earth am I reading? People cannot honestly believe in the white genocide?”

But they do (don’t go look it up, it’s not even interesting crazy, it’s just crazy).

But I go one step further.

Do you ever read the comments sections of blogs or reply’s to people on twitter? You probably shouldn’t, it’s a really terrible place. But do I ever get sucked in. People are arrogant, self-centerd, self-righteous and utterly abusive to one another. It’s really horrific. I often wonder how these things get posted for the world to see. Out there for their parents, children, spouse, etc. to find and read.

But then I get it.

Then I see a comment so hurtful, so judgmental, so full of hate and darkness and find it book ended with scripture or claims of being part of a good Christian faith.

Then I get it.

When they propagate hate and violence.

When they defend oppression.

When they demean the vulnerable and disregard to experience of the weak.

When they close off access to Jesus.

When they choose their rights and their privilege over loving others.

When they revel in murder, pain, suffering and darkness.

But then I remember it’s not a “they” but a “me” and an “us.”

So often I choose my rights.

So often I choose my privilege.

So often I choose my comfort over sharing Jesus, over being Jesus.

So often I side with the powerful at the expense of the weak.






Every time I do, every time I see it done on my behalf as a Christian.

Every time I choose death over life and judgment over grace.

So how do we respond? The same way I hope people respond to me when it’s my ugliness on full display.

We respond with truth. Tempered in humbleness, because none of us are above this. Shared with tenderness, because we are all so damaged and needy. Dripping will love and grace, because Jesus gives it to us even though we don’t deserve it. We remember that not only were we like them, in so many ways we still are.

We speak Jesus.



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