what have we become?

This one wanders a little. It’s not as clear and direct as I try to be, but in the mess I think there’s something important. It may read harsher than I want it to but the more I’m seeing this, the more a part of me is dying, the more a part of me is losing hope, the more I grieve what we’ve all become.

The more time I spend on the internet the worse the world seems.

Lots has been written about why people are horrible on the internet, but I continue to be surprised by it. I’ve been beyond horrified by the number of Christians loudly and directly advocating for discrimination. The inability to see how absolutely inconsistent that is with Jesus teaching is frightening.

It’s always been there I suppose but the more I learn and try to become aware of all the ways I’m afford an inordinate amount of privilege, that I’ve done nothing to deserve the more I see old arguments I once made turn my stomach.
It all kind of flares up every few months. It’s a court decisions, policy change, a shooting.

Christians just come out in droves to argue with vitriol about their rights, their say, their positions, what they will not give up and stands they won’t back down from.

Then it all hit me the other day.

You may have seen this before but humor me.

Christians are unbelievably ego centric. Continue reading