creating the thing we fear most

I was thinking about sheep and goats today, and not just because my family keeps threatening to buy us goats.

Seriously, they do. I really have no interest in animals at my home.

Anyway, I was thinking about how we as the church are responding to the horrors in our world. Because it was on clear display this past week, the evil of this world. Continue reading

there will be no justice

I feel like a broken record.

Like I have one track and I just keep screaming it out.

Expect this isn’t one of the hits. Something we want on repeat all day every day. It’s the track we skip. Not a secret track for those who remember them, tucked away on a CD. No this it’s one of those songs we hear and say “it’s just not for me” and move. Continue reading

gay Christian, straight Christian, liberal Christian, conservative Christian

From time to time I may use more words than necessary.

Case and point this 1200+ word post.

I have this tendency to repeat, reiterate and rephrase something a number of times.

A few have said I just like to hear myself talk. They may not be wrong.

I try really hard to choose my words carefully. To be precise and use the word that means exactly what I want.

I don’t often spend much time trying to reduce my word count as it were. Of late, I’ve been finding myself using even more words. Being specific about my motives and expressing my internal assumptions. Being sure that I don’t expect people to just know where I’m coming from but to say it. It’s been a part of me identifying my own privilege and understanding the impact this privilege has on every part of my life.

And in light of all of that, I’ve been thinking A LOT about labels.

Specifically, how we label our faith and how we label Christians. Continue reading