freedom to fear


The choice of Christ followers to not live out the love they profess is the beginning of a hopeless world. At least I think so.

But what drives this? Why don’t people live out the love they are so willing to profess? The faith they so clearly claim as an identity?

While not the only answer I think a lot more than we’d expect is fear. Continue reading

why you should never defend Jesus

This is the second part of a reflection on my shifting attitudes on being a passive Christian. You can find part one here.

more like jesus

photo credit: common grace


I first heard the phrase more like Jesus less like jerks following Jarrod Mckenna on Twitter talking about some of the projects he’s involved with. I loved it. It’s brilliant and catchy and poignant.

It also resonated in a way I wish it hadn’t.

It was almost to right, to on point. So much so I wished it wasn’t true. The idea that so often we seem more like jerks than Jesus is a depressing reality to consider.

It’s even worse to see, not just consider. Continue reading