attention attention


On July 28th at 2:14pm our second son Quinn was born.

He’s awesome.

He doesn’t really do anything but he’s still awesome. If you ever meet him you’ll agree.

People look at babies in a really specific way.

There’s the “awwww he’s so cute!” and the “look how delicate he is.”

But in everything they are intriguing to most. There is something about a baby that draws people in. The can just snatch people’s attention.

Attention is a tough thing to get these days.

Business pay million’s try to get our attention and babies simply exist and they are granted undivided attention of the entire group.

Attention is something we control but often don’t think about. We don’t consider the implications of our attention and how we share or give it.

Much like a business all of us push for attention. We want our friends to like our Facebook post and retweet our 140 character thoughts. We want attention in all facets of our lives. I want Sarah to care about my baseball team and my work.

Have you ever met someone who gave you their true undivided attention? There was a doctor my dad had that did this. The man was busy but when he was with us he was WITH us. Never rushed or checking his phone. Just a deep caring look as he listened to our fears and responded with grace and support.

It’s a real skill.

Where is your attention going and where should it go if your life is to be marked by compassion?